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Act 2. Italy Kick Off
The kick off meeting of EFIL (Employment for Independent Life) Project was held in Foligno, Italy by joining of Project partners from Turkey, Italy, Spain and Austria in Febraury 11-13 2020.
Partners of the project met in Centro Studi which is a foundation for answering to the training and employability needs of people who live in Foligno and in the surrounded areas to discuss about the project process. Participants representing their institutions form Turkey, Italy, Spain and Austria have revealed how they contribute to the project based on activities of their institution. During the meeting, a brief about the aim and general features of EFIL were explained by Coordinator Prof. Dr. Atilla Cavkaytar. Expressing his happiness for working with people from different countries to share their experience, the governor of Eskişehir, Mr. Akın Ağca talked about their projects about employment of people with intellectual disabilities such as sheltered workplaces in Eskişehir.
Besides, project partners also shared their experience and information about their countries' legal regulations related with social rights and working conditions such as sheltered workplaces, quota regime, vocational rehabilitation and government incentives for employment of people with intellectual disabilities. During the meetings, representatives of Social Services Institutions, Social Cooperatives and Vocational Schools presented their working areas, systems and projects in their area and explained how they contribute to develop independent life of people with intellectual disabilities in Foligno.
The opening symposium of the Project is planned to hold by Anadolu University in Eskişehir in June 3-6, 2020. Project partners, academicians, representatives of governmental and private intuitions from different countries will present best practices and situational analysis of their countries about employment of individual with intellectual disabilities. The aim of the opening symposium is to inform participants, families, teachers who work on mentally disabled person's employment, work professional advisors in the recruitment, employers who will contribute in recruitment and those who work in the business field of vocational training in Turkey.