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Employment for Independent Life (EFIL) Project
Participation in working life plays an important role in ensuring that individuals with disability are equal in society. When individuals with intellectual disabilities participate in working life, they become part of social life as well as gaining economic freedom. However, when the statistics of the literature and related institutions are analyzed, it can be seen that individuals with intellectual disabilities face obstacles in participation in working life. In order to overcome these obstacles, it is very important for all members of the society to work in cooperation.
United Nations' 2030 agenda has been revealed with the theme "Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies for all". Within the scope of this agenda, it is discussed things to do for improving endurance of the vulnerable people and reducing vulnerability and exposure to economic, social and environmental shocks in addition to disasters. For this reason, the idea "Let's remove the barriers for the disabled people to access to services." has been defended in World Disability Report. Besides, to need to be created a society which is open to everybody's has been stated in European Union's strategy on the disabled people.
This project has been prepared appropriately for these goals by Eskisehir Governorship EU and Foreign Relations Office, Anadolu University and Eskisehir Provincial Directorate of National Education R&D Unit. The project “EFIL-Employment for Independent Life” – Ka204 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Adult Education has been accepted by Turkish National Agency. The partners of the project are Anadolu University (project owner), Eskisehir Governorship, Eskisehir Provincial Directorate of National Education, Turkish Down Syndrome Association and three foundations from Austria, Italy, Spain.